Tidal Energy

Blades start life as a CNC machined pattern or direct tools.  Direct tools are female tools machined directly, avoiding the second stage of mould building -  these are ideal for prototype builds. Production tooling is typically epoxy infused glass fibre with steel support frames and built-in heating for fast curing of parts.  The blades themselves are built using the infusion process, combining uni-directional and multi-axial glass and carbon fibre with special epoxy resins, chosen for their mechanical properties and resistance to moisture ingression.  For the attachment of blades to the hub  we  have investigated a number of systems from imbedded inserts and T bolts to clamps and collars.   These wind energy  proven methods  have been further  tested by us  and optimised further for tidal applications
The target is always the toughest and most robust blades at the lowest cost

Customers include:
Tidal Energy Ltd
Ocean flow

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